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"Yo, I just met this kid," Richardson recalls telling his friends. "He's going to be the first pick in the draft."
On GEICO SportsNite, the guys discuss Kyrie Irving's explosive performance to help lift the Nets over the Clippers. The guys always knew how talented Irving was, but explain how injuries and off the court issues could sometimes overshadow his stellar play. Charlotte Hornets
Those high expectations also create a sense of urgency not typical for a team building around such a young superstar. Brooklyn Nets
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"He's going to be the best player in Europe in a couple of years, trust me on that. In the NBA, too," Dragic declared after the championship game.
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The same week Jared Dudley’s book was released, Paul George responded in a big way. Washington Wizards
In the absence of information, people feared the worst. Did the stars test positive? Even the NBA announcing only one coronavirus case in the last round of testing left the possibility at least one did. Denver Nuggets
Nba Logo Face Masks
Klay finished 10th among Western Conference guards with 99,094 votes, and it's very safe to assume most of those specifically came from Warriors fans.

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